Is Binary Option Robot a good choice?

With the development of new technologies, people became aware of additional means to make money. One of them, that lately has become so popular, is trading binary options. The only thing you will need is a computer, steady internet connection and appropriate broker house. At some point, we are all beginners, until we get to know with this new world of trading. Some of us want to become experts, to minimize mistakes and to earn money immediately, that is where binary options robot stands in.

laptop-moneyThis program was initially developed in Denmark at the end of 2014. The really important thing to mention is that Robot Binary Options is not a broker house that trades with binary options. It is a fully independent software that helps its users achieve proficiency in trading and allows them to earn money easily. Traders will have an opportunity to choose ten different binary option brokers and to use this software with them.

People are often skeptical about such things, even though they want to earn money without putting too much effort. In this article, we are going to prove you why Binary Option Robot is the best solution for you.

What differs this type of software from its competitors is the professional nature and advanced options. The whole system is made to replace real binary options trader and to act on his behalf, but always to keep in mind his commands.

With so many options that can be customized, some beginners may be overwhelmed with the choices that robot will present to them. All these options need to be configured in order to put the robot in motion. The Binary Option Robot became so popular and now it is the biggest software for automated trading.

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If you still have suspicious thoughts, here are few facts that will put your mind at ease:

× On their web page you won’t find fake testimonials of the previous users.

× This software won’t guarantee you positive results.

× It doesn’t give you fake promises of 100% accuracy.

× It isn’t advertised with phony sales that include one man talking and standing beside a luxurious car.

What most traders encounter as a problem is that not many robots will work with licensed brokers. This software is compatible with the two leading brokers, 24Options and Banc de Binary and since February, 2016 500Options, Banco Capital and Binary 8 are also available on this software.


The main reason why this robot works with different brokers is because it recognizes different algorithms that are received from the brokers. The developers of Binary Option Robot are currently working on incorporating additional brokers into this system.

There are few important things you need to customize before you put the robot in work:

1454572496× Trade setting – limit your daily trading and loss.

× Assets – decide which assets you are going to trade and accept signals.

× Risk level – from red to green, to minimize your loss.

× Signal provider – there are five signals, it’s up to you to decide which one is the best.

× Expiry time – depending on the signal, you can choose between 60 seconds up to 5 minutes.

If you are not sure about trading binary options, you can try foreign currency trading. There are a lot of forex trading tips on the Internet from which you learn.

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How to notice fake Binary Options Robot?

Nowadays everyone wants to get quick access to the cash without putting too much effort and unfortunately many trading brokers and binary options robots have adopted that process. But how to avoid fake binary options robots whose only intention is to scam you and take your money?


This should be your number one alarm, fakers don’t invest too much money and time into presentable website, they only want to earn money quickly and when the opportunity is presented to them they only want to grab it. Some of them are prone to use photo shopped images of the celebrities to gain on commercial and to attract more customers. And some of them are just plain that even inexperienced trader can spot it’s a suspicious webpage. However, if you are dealing with website that has serious design as multinational companies, it is certainly to be a real deal and webpage that has honest principles in mind.



If you aren’t able to find any information about the robot, it is probably because the robot doesn’t have them or it only feature is to help you lose all your investment. Every serious binary option robot has wide range of options which you can customize and design its functions based on your own parameters.


If you cannot find previous information about previous trades, then this is a huge warning signal. If the robot has the ability to make a profit, then why would developers hide this option and its results? Many robots will promise delivering you high results and profits, but when traders try to find from where those results came, they find a dead end. The best robots, such as Binary Option Robot keep their result visible and clear and any trader can get an insight.



If a robot promises you an income out of $1,000 per day, then you should know it’s definitely a scam. Not any serious binary option robot will promise you secure profit. The best results you can expect on monthly basis are few thousand dollars and even this kind of result occurs immediately. You will need lot of patience, experimenting and adjustment of the system, before you start to earn some money. Every investment brings with itself the risk of losing, so if anyone promises you certain gain, then you should be extra careful.


There are various licensed and trusted brokers on the market today and if anyone isn’t listed on robot site, then you should avoid it as well.

The First Licensed Standalone Broker in the EU


People who deal with frauds don’t have real interest in helping other traders, and they won’t bother with that, plus they are likely to hide contact information. Even if they have any, they are probably fake. In order to avoid fake ones, Learn More about binary options and legit robots that will earn you money.

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How to make money with Binary Option Robot?

In order to follow these step, every trader must open an account with Binary Option Robot that has proven to be one of the best solutions available on the market and great help with binary option trading. This software took the throne, firstly because it’s free and secondly because it allows the trader to have complete control over the program and after he sets up the initial parameters, he doesn’t even have to touch it. is great website where you can find a lot of information about binary option robots, so I suggest visiting it.

BinaryOptionRobot-fyi1. It’s a great help to beginners. If you are new in this type of investment, the robot will assist you greatly, because when you are not sure whether to make some investment, the software will decide instead of you, and make your every investment lucrative.

2. You have the opportunity to open accounts with multiple brokers. The more account you have open, the easier you will spot good offer and use it to your advantage.

3. It has licensed brokers listed. This is a very important feature, because if your robot is connected with shady brokers, you are sure to lose the money. This robot has all trusted brokers listed, starting from Banc de Binary and 24Option, which means that your deposit is in safe hands.

4. Take advantage of its free use. Every robot that doesn’t charge its use is considered safe and secure and with Binary Option Robot you have that opportunity. You will not lose anything for trying, but you will increase your possibility for earning.


5. Use special offers that brokers give you. You will certainly need to meet some conditions in order to gain access to those offers, but don’t neglect them on the start, because during your investments, you are surely going to fulfill them, so why not use them.

6. Start investment with smaller amounts. If you are new in this type of trading, you should start your investment with smaller amount of money and later increase your profit, once you gain more confidence and practice. For example, IQ Options allows its user to invest only $1.

7. Compare the offers that brokers give you. Depending on a broker, they all have different percentage of return rate. If you are investing individually, it may not seem as a huge difference, but since you are using a robot, it can really save your money and increase your profit.

8. Every lose in a new experience. You shouldn’t take this too personally, because even the experts and most advanced investors lose sometimes. Those who have courage, are persistent and have a goal will not fail, but those who are sore losers will get depressed.

study9. Always study. Make a practice to visit every day some new website related to this subject in order to learn new strategies and tendencies. The more you know, the better trader you will become.

10. Don’t put off your investment, start at once. They say that time is your worst enemy, the more you wait, the harder it will be for you to start with trading. Use Binary Option Robot in your advantage and start making money.

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Binary Option Robot, is it a scam, should I use it?

I first need to clarify what this robot represent and what is its use? There are lot of robots available on the market today, but lot of them are fake and untrusted. Every binary robot is an automated trading software that trades with binary options instead of its user. The program produces binary signals and trades them automatically on your selected broker account.

This robot works on a simple principle, it uses the signals that have expiry time, which is different from Forex, where signals expire at the end of the day. Binary Option Robot trades on many platform and has list of different brokers. The software will check if certain asset is available and its expiry time and then it will place the trade on behalf of the client.

User don’t need to be online in order to place a trade. All trades are done through API access and trades can enjoy their free time with friend and family, while robot is doing all the work. This is considered to be great advantage.

It is quite simple to use this robot and many traders will testify that, you will only need to open an account, that is free, connect it with your selected broker and you are set to go. The most unique character of this software is that it doesn’t require from you to be present all the time and connected to the internet.

Trader will have the opportunity to limit the trade amount, to set up maximum daily trades and loses, to choose an asset and to act on robot signals, or against them.


The last one is called reverse trading, it may seem appealing and interesting in some moments, but every trader should be extra careful, because it may lead him to lose the money.

Since this is an auto trading software, traders don’t need to download anything, because it is completely web based. You will only need to have internet connection during the initial setting up, where you enter your personal information. The whole program is completely free and doesn’t have additional hidden fees. Thought, you will have the option to upgrade it to pro version, this is related to traders who want to have VIP account, but the rest trader can equally enjoy in their trading with the standard account.

After you sign up with this robot, you will only need to choose a broker based on your preferences, but the robot will advise you to choose the broker based on your geolocation. Once you load your account with the money, you are ready for treading.

If you encounter any kind of problems, developers of this program thought even about that, on their webpage you will be able to find useful tutorial, but you also can contact them through live chat.

reading-list-brokers-robotThis whole process won’t take you too much time, but your money will be in secure hand, because this robot has been awarded with some really prestigious awards. Based on my experience, while trading, I can guarantee you it is definitely a real deal.

See Here for more information if you thought of starting this business.

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Binary Option Robot real deal or not?

When trading with binary options many traders are suspicious regarding these so called programs that promise them quick money without putting too much effort. Recently, the market has been blown away with this new software that states high success rates and easy trading. I am going to review Binary Option Robot, some of it features and determine is it really that good as they say?

First thing that got my attention is that it is completely 100% automatic, which is a great feature and it can be really good help to beginners. Because you won’t need some advanced knowledge about this matter in order to participate in trading. It will offer you some really trusted and licensed brokers, that are extremely successful in this industry.

imac_binary_mobileBesides the fact that it will trade instead of you, it’s available on all devices, mobile phones, computers and tablets, it also supports Windows and Mac. Binary Option Robot has simple dashboard, which allows traders to have clear view on all its features and options. Once you open an account with this software, you will be directed to choose binary option broker. You will also have an opportunity to choose more than one broker, which I would recommend. Simply because of the fact that you will have more offers and you will be able to choose the ones that most suits you. After you choose the binary option broker, the only thing left to do is to make a deposit. Once you make a deposit, the robot will place trades on your behalf. If you want to secure your investment, you will need to set up certain parameters in order to protect your funds.

This robot comes with two accounts and they are all free, standard one and VIP one. VIP account has some additional features that are not included in standard one. All new members, robot will award with one month of VIP membership. If you want to have all the time VIP membership, you will have to put some effort, because this program has referral policy, which means if you recommend this software to some of your friend, the robot will award you with few extra months of free VIP membership.

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VIP accounts have five signal providers and they have much bigger success rate than those in standard one. If you are using more than one broker, you will be able to choose which signal provider to use with selected broker. VIP users have the possibility to select expiry time, of the trades, which means you can choose daily, weekly and monthly. Very useful feature is risk level, and it is also available in VIP account, this means that trader can choose between four different levels, low, moderate, medium and high to determine how to act on certain trade. In the standard version of the account, the robot places the trades, without noticing these risk levels.


Average rate of success id between 70 and 75 percent, which is extremely good and I can say that this software is totally legit. It delivers what it promises. This information is legit, and it was taken from ,where you can check it out for yourself.

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